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GeoTran is an energetic tool applied with concrete action that helps you move forward in your life.

What Happens In A Session?

During a session with Jennifer, a client sits upright, fully clothed.

There are two different types of session that Jennifer offers:

An "Introduction to GeoTran" and a "GeoTran Integration".

The Introduction Session is for those who have never experienced GeoTran before. Jennifer explains the basic premise of the work, and teaches the client some energetic tools. These tools, called "Mind Gems", are simple to perform and amazing in their scope. Learn about grounding and clearing, and how and when to use the Mind Gems effectively. The Introduction Session may include specific goal oriented work, time permitting.

** A client must either come for an Introduction or have previous GeoTran (or equivalent) experience before booking for an Integration.**

The GeoTran Integration The client states their intention for coming, or what they would like to work on. The client must be ready and willing to move forward on a specific goal to do an Integration. Then, using kinesiology ("muscle testing"), the client shows Jennifer what issues are involved, and what is needed to move forward.

How Does GeoTran Work?

GeoTran works directly in the energy field which "forms" your physical self. This field is digital and contains a vast amount of information: how we look, how we react, how to run our bodies, and inherited information from our genetic line.

Using the power of your intention and the language of GeoTran, a person can actually communicate with their original blueprint (which is always healthy, happy, and abundant) and alter their energy bodies to facilitate change. Every person has so much more power to shape their lives than they possibly imagine.

Where Would Blocks Come From?

Many of us repeat patterns of behaviour or disease because this is the information we have in our field. This could be information we

1. acquired by ourselves, trying to sort out our world

2. were taught or told by parents, teachers, or others

3. inherited (physically, genetically, or in the forms of attitudes, fears, beliefs)

This information can be changed!

What Kind Of Changes Can GeoTran Help With?

- physical injury, accident, disease or illness

- emotional injury, trauma, fears, safety or survival issues

- stress, anxiety, and depression

- clearing, grounding, and perspective in day-to-day life

- relationships to people, places, or events

- career, purpose, or lifemission

- personality development and growth

- coping effectively with change on all levels

- overcoming limitation on all levels

- finding joy, beauty, compassion, and grace both within and without

- ability to make clear choices and take action according to your highest interest

- anything your heart desires to change or have different in your life!

How Can Patterns Be Changed Using GeoTran?

Patterns of behaviour or disease can be:

1. eliminated when they are no longer helping you

2. repaired when they are off-course

3. modified to accomodate new circumstances

4. created from scratch for a new frame of reference

**Please note: GeoTran is not intended to replace a physician or other health care providers.**




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